The quotes in these text files were used as a "Quote Of The Day" for a major electronics company and were seen by each computer user as he/she logged on. Although the exact date of any particular quote is not known, they were saved in chronological order from 1987 through 1996.

You can use your browser's SEARCH function to look for a particular author or subject.

How were the daily Quotes/Statistics/News items chosen? Each item meets one or more of the following critereon:

  1. It is humorous. (Although humor is often in the chuckle of the beholder...)
  2. It is thought-provoking, good advice or merely interesting. As Arsenio Hall says, "It makes you say, Hmmm..." It may stimulate discussion, whether true or false, or illustrate a different point of view.
  3. It is topical; it relates to current events or dates. A celebrity dies, a milestone is reached...
  4. It is bullshit; so blatantly absurd as to be laughable. Many statistics fall in this category.
Although some of these files are large, you can read the first part while the rest is loading. I doubt that you can read as fast as your modem can load. The following quote lists are part of an ever-growing personal collection. Some are grouped by subject or author, although there may be overlap with the above data. These files are all small.

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